Gregory Deddo Gregory Deddo


Gregory Deddo grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and received his BA in studio art from Judson University in Elgin, IL. He lives and works in Chicago.

Deddo's work explores themes of human relationships, family history, and memory. We cannot know ourselves in isolation. Our sense of identity and worth can only be understood as we interact with and relate to others. The difficulty is that relationships change over time, and our memories of them are subjective, limited and ever-fading. Therefore, the stories we tell and share with one another, whether they are factually accurate or not, become essential to orient ourselves in the world and to shape our hopes for the future.

For Deddo, the act of painting is an extension of his understanding of love and relationships. An attempt see and know another person as truly as possible. These practices, while essential to one's identity, inevitable fall short. We can never fully understand the other, and may never fully understand ourselves, but we yearn to know and be known. Painting, like ones journey toward understanding will never be complete.